The Human Eye and The Colourful World

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The Human Eye and The Colourful World

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Having two eyes facilitates in:
A: Increasing the field of view
B: Bringing three dimensional view
C: Developing the concept of distance/size.
Then the correct option is/are:

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A: Astigmatism usually is caused by an irregularly shaped cornea.
B: Rainbow is the natural phenomenon in which dispersion takes place.

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In which of the following cases will no dispersion take place when sunlight passes through it?



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Figure a, b, c respectively; indicate the point in case of:



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Which of the following graph represents the correct variation of angle of incidence (i) and angle of deviation (δ)?



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Which of the following figures correctly represents the passage of white light through prism?



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Blue colour of the sky is due to the phenomenon of:

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The star appear shifted from their actual position due to the phenomenon of:

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When a beam of white light falls on a glass prism, the colour of light which will deviate least is:

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With both eyes open, a person’s field of view is about:

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A man finds it difficult to read the odometer on the dashboard of the car but is able to clearly read a distant road sign. Which of the following statement is correct about this man?

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A got his eye tested. The optician’s prescription for the spectacles was:
Left eye: −3 D
Right eye: −3.50 D
The person is having a defect of vision called:

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A person cannot see the distant objects clearly (though he can see the nearby objects clearly). He is suffering from the defect of vision called:

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How eyes adjust in order to focus the image of near or distant objects on retina?

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The term “accommodation” as applied to the eye, refers to its ability to:

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