Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

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Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

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A current flows in a wire running between the S and N poles of a magnet lying horizontally as shown in the figure below:



The force on the wire due to the magnet is directed:


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The frequency of electricity produced by DC generator is equal to

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Which of the following diagrams correctly shows the magnetic field produced by a current- carrying wire?



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An electric motor is a device which transforms

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The shape of the magnetic field lines produced by a current carrying conductor are:

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A coil of insulated copper wire is connected to a galvanometer forming a loop and a magnet is:
A: Held stationary
B: Moved away along its axis
C: Moved towards along its axis
There will be a induced current in:

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If two circular coils can be arranged in any of the three situations as shown in the diagrams below, then their mutual induction will be:



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A fuse should always be placed in the

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A positive charge is moving towards a person. The direction of magnetic field lines will be in

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An induced emf is produced when a magnet is moved into a coil. The magnitude of induced emf does not depend on:

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The force exerted on a current carrying wire placed in a magnetic field is zero when the angle between wire and the direction of magnetic field is:

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A current carrying conductor is held in exactly vertical direction. In order to produce a clockwise magnetic field around the conductor, the current should be passed in the conductor:

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A soft iron bar is inserted inside a current-carrying solenoid. The magnetic field inside the solenoid:

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The north pole of Earth’s magnet is in the:

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The magnetic field lines outside a bar magnet:

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